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Women and the Priesthood

I believe the man’s role in most religions as a “priest” has much to do with tradition and traditional roles for men and women. As I studied Hinduism as part of my journey of faith I could see parallels to our own traditions and customs. In Hinduism, women are respected as the means of giving the first birth while men are respected as the means of giving the second birth or rebirth. Each man and woman has a specific role in life. Men cannot give physical birth and women cannot give spiritual rebirth. They must work together.

I think this same rational can be and has been applied to Christianity. Women have the important role in physical birth, men have the important role in spiritual rebirth through baptism specifically and the other sacraments in general. Men and women must work together however because spiritual rebirth cannot occur without physical birth. There is an important role for both men and women in our historic cultures and traditions.

Many of today's "liberated" women want to do it all, to deny any exclusive role of importance to men. Our modern culture must decide if different roles should be held exclusively by men or by women. In the case of physical birth, I doubt we will be able to change this exclusive role for women any time soon. Men’s roles are less biologically defined in our current age especially now in an era of weapons of mass destruction that obsolete specialized characteristics of personal physical strength, weapons that rely on intellectual qualities that both men and women possess.

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