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Why is Sacrament Meeting so often irreverent?

The LDS have nothing to worship in their Ward buildings except for themselves and their own wisdom. There is nothing holy or sacred in their buildings. Jesus is not truly present to them. This lack of Jesus in their chapels is why the LDS struggle with reverence and it is why reverence is one of at least a dozen recurring topics in sacrament meetings.

Also factoring into a lack of reverence is the disrespect shown the sacrament. I have seen teen-aged teachers and priests throw a loaf of Wonder Bread from the front of church to behind the sacrament table in football style. I have seen pieces of the sacrament bread fall to the ground and trampled by the deacons. In one Ward Conference the Stake President lectured the congregation about the lack of reverence in the meeting. I looked around and found two pieces of sacrament bread that had fallen to the ground and trampled by the deacons. I picked them up and held them until the end of the meeting. I shook the hand of the Stake President as his was leaving the chapel and then placed the two pieces of the sacrament into his hand. A confused look came into his eyes as I told him that disrespect for holy things is why he had a reverence problem. I also told him I was Catholic and told him he could learn something from our tradition if he was willing.

Mormons do not worship God or give him praise. They work in the temple; they do not worship or praise God there. They never say, Alleluia or Halleluiah in the temple, no Hosanna shouts. But they do say in the arrogance of their hearts, "O God, Hear the words of my mouth." The closest they come to praise and worship is through the singing of hymns. In their prayers they thank God for sending them false prophets who have deceived them just as Jesus warned us they would. Many Mormons remind me of the Pharisee who thanked God that he wasn’t like the sinners; only the tax collector went away justified.

Every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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