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Waters of Baptism in Isaiah - Commentary or Scripture?

The phrase, "meaning the waters of baptism" was added to the words of Isaiah 48:1 in the Book of Mormon (1 Nephi 20:1) and was not in the first addition of the Book of Mormon. Isaiah is not talking about baptism but of the descendants of Judah.

According to information contained on the LDS Collectors Library CD-ROM, Parley P. Pratt suggested that this phrase be added to the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith agreed and this phrase of commentary was added as though was really part of the scriptures contained on the Golden Plates.

Bruce R. McConkie was fooled by this addition and we can read in Mormon Doctrine how he thought this passage was a good example of how Joseph Smith restored missing parts of scripture that had been lost through the ages.

How much of the Book of Mormon is actually commentary from Joseph Smith or others?

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