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Why do we wear clothes made by others and contract debts with the world?

Our clothes are not plain and we are not a self-sufficient people as we were instructed to be. Today, the Temple Garment is the only remnant of this commandment. We also take out loans to buy homes, cars, and consumer items just like anyone else.

Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Vol.2, ECONOMIC HISTORY OF THE CHURCH ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE. The goal of LDS colonization and resource development, and of the Mormon village, was economic independence: The LDS commonwealth was to be financially and economically self-sufficient. A revealed "law" of the Church established this principle in 1831: "Let all thy garments be plain, and their beauty the beauty of the work of thine own hands" (D&C 42:40). Another revelation directed that they were to "contract no debts with the world" (D&C 64:27).

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